At Senhoa we do a lot more than just make beautiful jewellery.  The purpose of our work is to empower young women who come from extremely difficult backgrounds to live independently and support their families by providing safe and secure employment, a fair wage and skills training.  

Here is a story about one of our artisans Ms Samoeut and how our social worker worked tirelessly liaising with the local authorities in Cambodia to enable her to obtain legal status as a Cambodian citizen.

By buying and wearing our jewellery you are advocating for the empowerment of and against the exploitation of, women around the world!

Samoeut, 22 years old, a vulnerable person who received support from Senhoa Foundation in 2013-2014 through a rehabilitation program. She is an orphan living in poor condition with a one year old son. Ms Samoeut was selected to attend Senhoa's vocational program (jewelry making). After finishing her vocational training, she was employed as a full time artisan and receives a fair wage salary to support herself.

During Ms. Samoeut's stay at the rehabilitation program Senhoa helped her apply and receive a birth certificate and in 2016 we helped her obtain a family book which is necessary to live legally in Cambodia, as a Cambodia citizen.

This is a big task as the Social Worker needed to run all the processes through the local authorities.  After working closely with local authority, she first received her Residence Book and soon after received the Family Book for her and her siblings.  Her siblings were very appreciative and said if they didn’t have Senhoa staff’s intervention in their case they would have never received the family book to live legally in Cambodia. With support and cooperation between Senhoa and local authorities, she was able to receive her documents quickly.  

This is a big success for Senhoa in providing support for Ms. Samoeut to become a legally citizen and live permanently in Siem Reap.   The support was not only beneficial for Ms. Samoeut, but her son will also be able to register for his birth certificate as a full citizen.

Please support us to help more women like Ms Samoet by buying our jewellery or donating to Senhoa Foundation.

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