Senhoa's Values: Compassion

In a series of blogs we will be looking at Senhoa's values and sharing our stories about how we live these values through our work.  
At Senhoa, we look at the issue of trafficking and the effects of poverty and the lack of education and provide impactful solutions, coupled with compassion. Compassion drives our purpose and is the guiding light in our work.
What Leads to Trafficking?
40% of the population in Cambodia earns less than $1.25 a day. Women often turn to sex work as it is one of the few sources of income that is available. Although some families are tricked into human trafficking by promises of education and job opportunities for their children, families sometimes see selling their children to human traffickers as the only way out of their financial situation. Once families fall into poverty, there are very few ways that they can escape without making this sacrifice.
At Senhoa all our highly trained artisans come from challenging backgrounds.  We work with compassion to provide them with the right learning environment to become highly skilled jewellery artisans and offer safe, secure and dignified employment to enable them to support themselves and their families.  Our aim is to reach more women and grow the jewellery brand to be able to provide more training and employment opportunities.
Each jewellery purchase helps us achieve this goal!
Cycle of Poverty and the Lack of Education
No education = no skills/experience = no good jobs.
Because of their economic situation, children are forced to work for a living instead of going to school. Many children in rural areas such as Siem Reap have never gone to school and work as garbage pickers, domestic servants and porters.
A foundation of basic education and literacy expands an individual’s economic opportunities and is a powerful vehicle for awareness of human rights, social justice issues and health.  One reason for the low access to and quality of education is lack of community involvement in secondary schools. The short-term pressures of poverty make it difficult for many families to commit to the longer-term goals of education.
Lotus Kids Club, our prevention program, is a grassroots project dedicated to supporting street-working children, their families and the community in which they live through education, healthcare and community-building initiatives. LKC promotes education and positive social engagements as the keys to lifting families out of poverty.
We currently serve 54 preschoolers, 81 primary school scholars, 80 children daily in the drop-in center and a total of 125 families.
Love Senhoa x
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