Senhoa's Values: Empowerment

At Senhoa we work hard to achieve a lot alongside the jewellery brand.  We are a social business with or aim of making positive change in the world through growing our jewellery brand to be able to support our social programmes.  Remember, each time you purchase a piece of jewellery you are enabling us to Employ, Empower and Emancipate!!

In the second of our series of blogs on Senhoa's values, we are focusing on what could be described as our guiding principle:


At Senhoa, we empower women to take charge of their lives, attain economic independence and pursue their dreams; children to obtain a quality education and prepare themselves for the workplace; and families to take care of themselves and build a better future for their children.

 It is our Vision that:

Disadvantaged communities will be free from oppression, poverty and discrimination; have equal access to education and empowered to fulfill their goals and aspirations and reach their highest potential.

  1. We utilize business sensibilities to achieve humanitarian goals: Our business model allows us to be self-sustainable and not completely dependent on private donors and grants. Because we lecture about self-dependency, we show an example in ourselves.
  2. We provide income generation in order for vulnerable women to gain economic independence: Senhoa supports victims of human trafficking by providing income generating opportunities, social reintegration and programs to foster independence and self-reliance.
  3. We facilitate educational and social programs for self-reliance, self-confidence, and self-worth: We believe that through social programs of education, life skills, vocational training, and recreational activities, young men and women become more confident, have greater self-esteem and feel inspired to pursue means for self-dependency.
  4. We encourage parents to be engaged in their children’s education: our social workers meet regularly with families to ensure that their children are getting the optional experience and the support they need from our programs. We also provide parenting workshops, microloans and employment assistance.
  5. We encourage young adults to engage in positive after school activities with their peers and to build their skills in our Afternoon Community Program. Students drop in after school hours for informal classes. We offer computer, dance, sewing, cooking and English classes.

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